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Hello Online Entrepreneur,

Setting up your account to start receiving a daily growth of bitcoin isn’t difficult but will take some time to have everything set up correctly. Here is where a lot of people fail. They just don’t have the patience.

But if you’re a patient person and do one step at time, your financial situation will get a lot better!

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Set Up Your Bitcoin Wallet

The first step you need to do is set up your Bitcoin Wallet.

What’s A Bitcoin Wallet?

  • A Bitcoin Wallet let’s you convert your country’s currency into bitcoin.

  • A Bitcoin Wallet is needed so you can send Bitcoin to your My Passive Trades account to start receiving 1% daily.

  • A Bitcoin Wallet is needed so you can make withdrawals from your My Passive Trades account and transfer it into your bank account. If you don’t have a Bitcoin Wallet do a Google Search and see which Bitcoin Wallet works in your country.

How To Make Your First Deposit


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