Learn More About My Passive Trades

Learn More About My Passive Trades

For the past few months I have been involved in a completely passive income opportunity that is paying me 1% return every day, 7 days a week. The return can go as high as 1.25% (depending on trading profits). Currently we average at 1% and that is excellent for me.

I am so convinced by all aspects of this business and wanted to share it with as many people as I can. After all, we all need an extra income stream, especially one where we do not need to do any work or spend any time at all. Let me go over the main features:

Integrity and Longevity

We are all aware of so many scams and ponzis that appear online. Well, I did my research and it was easy to conclude that this is not one of them. The people behind this business have an unblemished track record of success, having done a few online businesses online during the last 3 years. Their aim is to help every member without exception to make money. It does not matter if you are new or have several years experience. The ROI for everyone is the same.

Real Income

Many businesses rely on taking money from “Peter” to pay “Paul”. In other words,they need new members (Peter) so that the older members (Paul) can be paid what was promised.

This model works for a while, but when new members stop coming or growth slows down, there is not enough money to make a profit and pay the older members.

That business collapses leaving a handful of happy members (those who joined early) and a majority of frustrated and angry members completely stranded.

My Passive Trades is not built that way. It has a team of some of the best crypto traders who trade the market. We participate in the profits they make by making a deposit that can be as low as US$10.

Each day you get a return (1.25%/1%) for 125 days on each deposit. So, you can see that this business model does not need new people to join, the trading account is large and the increasing membership just means that more people will benefit.

How Does This Work?

You participate in the profits by purchasing trading packs that cost $5 each. You must buy at least 2 packs that will return you 1% – 1.25% everyday, 7 days a week. In about 125 days the packs will expire after giving you 125% return (your money + 25% profit).

You can then repurchase the packs and continue to earn daily until another 125% over the next 125 days is delivered. I suggest that members buy as many packs as they can and keeping buying as cash flow permits.

They will expire at different times so that you are always getting a return every day. You deposit in bitcoin and also withdraw your income in bitcoin.

Learn More About My Passive TradesThe best strategy to maximize your return is to keep re-investing your earnings to buy more packs for some time. It is when your daily income is at a level that you want, you can start withdrawing some earnings, while still repurchasing.

A simple formula that I follow is the “70% 30% Rule“. I re-invest 70% of my earning to keep my earnings compounding. And withdrawal 30%. Over time this will be very rewarding, and your financial situation will get a lot better!



The business is totally transparent and every paid member is provided access to a live trading room where they can see the trades being taken in real time and the profit that is being made. You are also free to use those signals and trade those pairs by yourself and make even more money.


Advertising is perhaps one of the most vital needs of all businesses and the MPT business has this element at its core. At the same time, compliance with regulations and laws of all countries is critical.

Therefore, this is a key component of our business model and every purchase of a pack automatically generates ad. credits to your account. These can be used to advertise any business a member wants. Additional credits can also be generated by checking out ads posted by other members.

Your Time Requirement

As you can already see you need to spend no time at all to earn a daily income. You do not need to do any work at all. You should check your account daily to confirm your earning for the day and make any purchase you can and want to, with that earning. Earnings are credited in your wallet by about 5.30pm EST daily. This takes less than 1 minute of your time.

Promote This Rewarding Opportunity (OPTIONAL)

I believe once you see how rewarding and easy this is, you may want to share this opportunity with some people (you know and care about). The business rewards you for this by giving you 8% commission on level 1 and 3% on level 2.

You should also watch this short video that explains how the numbers are carefully calculated that will make this a long term, self-sustaining business.


What are you waiting for?

Open Your Account Today And Start Earning Daily!


  1. HI
    I have a question-
    Is 1 to 1.25% ROI is based on dollar value or BTC value?
    eg if we invest $100 today in btc,then after 120 days we will get say $125.but if btc keeps on rising like its doing now ,then we may get less btc amount than invested after 120 days.
    BTC has increased in value like recently it jumped from $3500 to $8600 in about 2 months.
    What do you say?


    1. A Team Member answered your question.

      It’s based on the dollar value Frank, it’s sustainable and that’s the way Darren’s built it. Although Btc value has risen, the extra profits the company generated go into MPT reserve fund so when there isn’t much movement in crypto, there’s always 1% consistent for us. It’s perfect.


    2. Hello Mohamed, Here’s another answer I got from another My Passive Trade member.

      If bitcoin price keeps going up, let us not forget that the value of the bitcoin you withdraw from MPT is also rising. All in all, I think with the 25% return + compounding + rising value of bitcoin, the system will work to our benefit.


  2. Hey Frank very informative blog you got here. I’ve been sitting on the fence for 2 weeks now. You just helped me make up my mind! Once I’m inside can I contact you for some guidance? I’m new at this bitcoin stuff.


    1. Hi J.D. You’ll find my contact details in your MPT back office. Contact me whenever you’re stuck on something or have a question. Looking forward to working with you! Frank Osorio


  3. Thanks for making this blog! I’ve been searching online for a crypto company that’s for real. I’ve been ripped off in the past and almost gave up on the crypto industry. Thanks again.


    1. Hi Thomas, thanks for visiting and leaving your warm Comment! Yea just like you I also got scammed. Just
      glad I never gave up. Contact me if you have any questions about this exciting bitcoin platform.


  4. Great Post Frank! I’m not on your team can I use some of your content in my marketing?


    1. Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for liking my stuff! Sure go ahead my content is your content.


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