If We Sat Down For A Cup Of Coffee You Would Learn That I…

Hello Friend,

 I wish I could sit down with you and have a cup of brewing coffee and get to know each other.

 If we could you’ll learn everything I do I put 100% of my effort into it. Soon you’ll know I’m very serious about helping others in any way I can. From  shoveling my neighbors snow to helping you grow passive income.

I’ve been married to the most caring person in the world for 28 years, Milena. We have two awesome Daughters, Melissa and Melanie. “My 3 M’s”!

I don’t make videos because I stutter, so I blog instead. If you can speak perfectly, don’t be afraid to make videos, very powerful for your business.

You would also learn that I’ve been working online for over 11 years now. I’ve had some success but nothing to really brag about. I don’t do any Internet Marketing stuff any more. It was just to frustrating for me, and I was really getting burnt out.

Now I’m doing something that guarantees you’ll make money even if you don’t talk to a single person. I’ll get back this in a moment…

If we sat down and had a cup of smoothing coffee you’ll find out that I love to garden, do home repairs, work on cars, play with our five cats and goof around with my family.

And most importantly you would learn I do not mess  around with useless business opportunities. I do my homework to find out if my Team will also benefit greatly if they were to join.

If we sat down for coffee and had a good talk you would learn that I enjoy making passive income by growing my bitcoin. I don’t have to try to recruit others if I don’t want to.

I don’t waste my money any more on marketing courses that don’t work. And I don’t have to do silly 3 way calls or spend hours on facebook talking to people that aren’t interested in my online business opportunity. “Those Days Are Over For Me!

You will also learn that it doesn’t cost much to start getting paid daily once you join this fantastic opportunity in the crypto arena. You can get more information at: My Passive Trades Web Page.

And I almost forgot, if we sat down for a cup of coffee you would learn that I make donuts on Saturdays at Walmart.

Frank Osorio