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Hello Online Entrepreneur,

Setting up your account to start receiving a daily growth of bitcoin isn’t difficult but will take some time to have everything set up correctly. Here is where a lot of people fail. They just don’t have the patience.

But if you’re a patient person and do one step at time, your financial situation will get a lot better!

“Reach out to me when ever you get stuck on something. My contact information is down below.”

NOTE: Don’t forget to watch my last video, where I proof to you this is a legitimate company by me making a withdrawal from my account.

Set Up Your Bitcoin Wallet

The first step you need to do is set up your Bitcoin Wallet.

What’s A Bitcoin Wallet?

  • A Bitcoin Wallet let’s you convert your country’s currency into bitcoin.
  • A Bitcoin Wallet is needed so you can send Bitcoin to your My Passive Trades account to start receiving 1% daily.
  • A Bitcoin Wallet is needed so you can make withdrawals from your My Passive Trades account and transfer it into your bank account.

I highly recommend CoinBase. This video will help you set up your Bitcoin Wallet account.

NOTE: Best to use a Credit Card or Debit Card. Using your bank account might take up to 14 days before having access to your Bitcoin funds.

NOTE: Coinbase removed the “Buy/Trade” button you saw in the video. It’s now replaced with “Trade” Button on the upper right corner.

Click: Trade

Select: Buy

Enter: Change the $0 To The Amount Of Bitcoin You Want To Buy.

Select: Pay With

Click: Buy Bitcoin

Let’s Get Started

Step 1 The first thing you need to do is set up your CoinBase account. Or use any Crypto Wallet you prefer. Once your account is verified go to Step 2.

Step 2 Please get back to the person that sent you here and ask for their sign up link.

Step 3 Funding Your My Passive Trades Account                            Watch this video.

Step 4 Making Your First Investment

To start making passive income you need to make an investment by buying AdPacks. Now these AdPacks will do two things for you:

  • Earn you daily profits
  • Give you advertising to any business you have. (This Is Optional)

In this video I’ll show you how simple and fast it is to start making money.

Watch Me Do A BTC Withdrawal From My Passive Trades

Open Your Free Account Today!

Recap: At first this whole process of making passive income with bitcoin might seem difficult, but is actually really simple. STOP THINKING SO HARD! Just follow the instructions I gave you.

All you’re doing is converting an amount of USD into Bitcoin currency. Depositing that amount of bitcoin into My Passive Trades. The company pays you 1% – 1.25% daily for 125 days on each investment. You can withdrawal or re-invest your return to grow your income passively. (compounding)

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