Hello, In this post you’ll find videos on getting started with Cross Trade Capital. If you get stuck or have any questions my contact details are down below. Once you’re registered, the first thing you want to do is set up your 2FA Security. This will give you extra protection from someone hacking into your […]

Features To Look For In A Bitcoin Platform

Since April 26 2019, I have been involved in a completely passive income opportunity that is paying me 1% return every day, 7 days a week. The return can go as high as 1.25% (depending on trading profits). Currently we average at 1% and that is excellent for me. I am so convinced by all […]

What's So Good About Bitcoin?

You might be already aware of this digital currency known as BITCOIN, you might have heard it from the news, or even from your friends… and you’ve even heard about some of the stories being told about overnight millionaires that seem rather surreal.

Learn How Compounding Your Profits Can Be Very Rewarding Financially

“I’m quietly making life changing income without recruiting or talking to a single person…Thanks to the power of compounding!” Albert Einstein once said that he considered compound interest the most powerful force in the universe. This quote has become a universal truth in the finance world. The medium-to-long term upside of compound interest has significant […]

How To Set Up Your My Passive Trades Account

Hello Online Entrepreneur, Setting up your account to start receiving a daily growth of bitcoin isn’t difficult but will take some time to have everything set up correctly. Here is where a lot of people fail. They just don’t have the patience. But if you’re a patient person and do one step at time, your […]